Thai Shrimp in Fish Sauce – Easy Recipe Thai Local Dish

Shrimp in Fish Sauce
Shrimp in Fish Sauce

What is Thai Shrimp in Fish Sauce?

Thai shrimp in fish sauce is a popular local dish that serves it raw. This dish is very common in any restaurant in Thailand. 

Ingredient of Shrimp in Fish Sauce

How to Make This Thai Dish

  • Clean all shrimps, then soak it with tonic water and fish sauce. 
  • Leave the shrimps in the freezer for 2 mins
  • Mix bird’s eye chili, sugar, palm sugar, garlic, water, and peppermint together in a blender.
  • Take out the shrimps and put them on the plate, serve with fresh garlic, sliced bitter melon, lemongrass, and peppermint.